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    Bradwell is a firm favourite for an EMYC cruise. 8 boats took part for the short cruise across the Buxey sands and around the Dengie peninsular. What a great sight it was to see the boats stretched out ahead as we motored out of the Crouch before turning north to cut across the sands. Essex Girl took the lead, guiding the rest of us over the shallow water. Once across the planning boats had the opportunity to open up and race to the power stations’ boom.
    A club evening meal for over twenty was arranged in the local clubhouse with good food, great company and plenty to drink. Perfect.
    Sunday morning started fine and bright but soon the wind increased. Definitely stronger than had been forecast. We decided to leave earlier than anticipated and take the short cut across the sands rather than leave later and navigate through the Swin Spitway. Carrie was the first to leave, followed by Pippanelle and Fandango. Next it was Annies Song, with Essex Girl, Ibis, Solitaire and Eurybia leaving a further half hour later. Apart from Carrie, all arrived at the sands together. The crossing was a little choppier than the previous day but it wasn’t long before we reached the calmer waters of the Crouch.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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