EMYC Cruising Rules

All craft taking part in Club events must fly the Club burgee and conform to the “Cruising Yacht Safety” as published by the Royal Yachting Association which covers safety recommendations for all craft.

Skippers are reminded that having regard for prevailing circumstances, they are responsible for any decisions regarding passage making. They are also required to have a Passage Plan and appropriatecover before embarking on any cruise.

Members are expected to have sufficient knowledge of navigation and seamanship to complete any passage and deal with any normal hazard unaided.

All craft taking part on Club cruises must be equipped with VHF radio. Members are reminded of the regulations regarding the licensing and operation of their equipment, and must conform with the “Handbook for Radio Operation” (HMSO Publication) and “VHF Radio including GMDSS” (RYA Publication).

In the interests of all seafarers, operators must not transmit unnecessary signals and correspondence, or without station identification (DOT Merchant Shipping Notice No: M814).

Members not intending to be absent from their berths overnight, or longer, should inform the Harbour Master, and make their intentions known to their immediate neighbours.

Members should complete the appropiate cruising form and notify the Rear Commodore of their intention to join the cruise.

Members wishing to depart early of to stay on for longer periods should make their intentions known to the Committee member in charge of the cruise.

Any member, unsure of rules/regulations or that have any other questions should consult with the Rear Commodore.